Happiness is…

Kids have an amazing capacity for happiness. The smallest things make them so happy they almost implode. Raven’s birthday is tomorrow, and even though we’ve talked about it for a whole year he is so happy he almost piddles himself each time the topic comes up. This morning he was asking what today was and I reminded him that his birthday is tomorrow. He replied “It IS!!???”, and performed the I’ll be seven tomorrow dance of joy complete with swirling batman cape around my bedroom. Birthdays are pretty big for kids, but they get really happy about the smallest things too! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said “Soup!!”, and then added macaroni and chicken nuggets. He radiates joy when he talks about these things, as if they were treasures of limitless value.

As adults, I think that we too often forget to find joy in the smallest of things in our everyday life. I know that I am guilty about forgetting to really enjoy that cup of coffee, or that extra ten minutes of snooze time on the alarm. Instead, adults will focus on the things that aren’t so great. Is this what differentiates children from adults? Once we gave up our childhood we gave up joy?

Bobby did an impromptu dance the other night about cheese. He was bouncing up and down and gleefully chanting “CHEESE”! Don’t you wish that you could get so excited about something so simple? So today, I challenge you. Find one thing, of everyday value and common use, and get excited! Do a little dance, jump up and down, chant its name as a mantra of joy and happiness!


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