Dirty Dishes and Empty Milk Jugs

The dish fairy and the laundry fairy do not work at my house. I don’t know why, but they never seem to show up and magically whisk the dishes into the washer, or the laundry into the dryer. I’ve wondered for years why this unnatural state continues, but I’ve never found an answer. Perhaps I angered the great dish fairy gods somewhere in my life, and they are boycotting my house.

Along with the marked absence of the aforementioned fairies I seem to have a glut of misplacement goblins. I am always finding things where they do not belong, and much like in the old Family Circus cartoon we have someone living here named “not me”. One of my largest pet peeves is going to bed with a clean kitchen and waking up to a dirty kitchen. It bothers me on a molecular level. My entire body balls up into a tight wad of GAH! So, my husband makes an intense effort to make sure that his late night foraging messes are cleaned up, so that my day won’t start badly. However, my teenaged son has yet to realize that this one simple thing will greatly improve the likelihood of my answering his pleas for weekend movies with his girlfriend with anything north of a discontented growl. This morning there was an empty pitcher in my fridge. Literally, some sneaky goblin had drank the last of the chocolate milk, and then put the empty container back into the fridge! It’s bad enough to wake up and there be dishes on the counters, or in the sink, but to open the fridge and find a dirty dish in the fridge! It was very fortunate that my husband, being the wonderful man that he is, got up early with the kids and disposed of the evidence before I saw it.
My desk seems to be the landing place for much of the goblins’ work. I will often find toys, unopened mail, ribbons from the holidays, and so many different things that it has started to make me think that there is some sort of black hole in the universe that sucks this stuff in and dumps it on my desk. Hubby helped clear some of the excess from my desk today, but there is still a lot to be gone through. So I still need to tackle my desk, bake a birthday cake, and oh yea manage some sleep before the minions wake up! Do you think I could negotiate with the Fairy union?


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