I’ve been couponing lately. It’s become almost an insane sort of obsession with how much I can save, or how much I can get for as little money as possible. Today there was an offer on facebook for a coupon. The coupon was for buy a dozen eggs get one free. I logged in hoping that I could get a coupon, but with not a tremendous expectation of being one of the lucky 30,000. This is not the first company to offer such via Facebook, and the last time it was an utter fiasco. I patiently submitted my information, and waited through the server hiccups, and error pages, and I finally got my coupon! What amazed me though were the rabid postings to the Incredible Edible egg wall. There were people cursing eggs, and dooming the company to failure if it didn’t fulfill their expectations for a free coupon. It was really amazing to watch and if I were a sociologist it would make for a fascinating study in human nature.
So these people were all trying to get a free coupon valued at $1.50 max. Here are some of the more colorful comments:

i never recieved my coupon—your a bad egg.

This is incredibly ridiculous. I have tried this numerous times, and keep getting a message that it will arrive shortly. Very disappointing. I am going to pull out my fan membership!

Well, I got my e-mail, and now I can’t get the D@#% thing to print !!! What next?? I need an egg sandwich !

Anyone else feel like that was a lot of work to save $1.50?

still no coupon ??? 😦

Please try again?????? Can you explain that?

not even the shadow of an egg in my email account.. I tried a 20 handful of times! S.O.S!!!! Someone help me get me eggs for free!!!!!!

WOWSER so after 4 HOURS AND 38 MINUTES OF BULLCRAP its now ”slow but steady” SCORE!! Bunch of idiots you have running this. You’ll need 100 more promotions that run like clockwork to get the taste of this disaster out of peoples mouths.

Signed up….that was 15 min ago….where’s the dang coupon? GRRRR

To the person I spoke with at 11:03 your time at EIM (the ad agency responsible), I still don’t have an email to download my coupon. You still haven’t called me back either eventhough you took my phone number. I hope I’m still getting my coupon…it’s been over 1 1/2 hours since I got the “your coupon will be mailed to you shortly” message.

I don’t think I would have lain down and drummed my heels against the floor if I hadn’t gotten the coupon, but some of these folks really crack me up!


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