Eat your broccoli…

We try our absolute best to make sure that our kids are exposed to a variety of foods. This includes all ethnic types, and we like to try to make it as close to original as possible.

Recently, we were all out on a Saturday, and it got close to lunch so we decided to treat the family to lunch out. The unanimous choice was a local super Chinese buffet. This particular restaurant has an enormous selection that literally takes 10-15 minutes to just walk through and see everything. Raven and I were cruising the selections when he saw that they had steamed baby octopus, steamed shrimp, and crawfish. He became very excited and decided that’s what he wanted on his plate! I put a small selection on his plate fully expecting him to decide it wasn’t his cup of tea, but he chowed down on his little plate of fruits de mere like it was his last meal.

Being a mother, I make sure that the kids get a healthy selection of green vegetables to round out whatever else lands on their plates. So, Raven ate all of his seafood, and firmly informed me that he was ready for more when I noticed that he hadn’t touched his vegetables. That’s when the fateful words left my mouth. And yes, I said this out loud in what was suddenly a preternaturally silent restaurant.

“You can have more octopus when you finish your broccoli.”

James looked at me with his face turning purple with suppressed laughter. Yes Honey, you just said that out loud.


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