Today’s Savings

Had a short trip to the commissary today and thought I’d share what I came home with!  I met the lady who puts out the tearpads for coupons… muahaha now I know when she works!  *commence stalking*  Ok, seriously, really nice lady who was more than happy to give me coupons!  Turned another gal onto and she seemed so happy!  Ok here’s what I came home with!

All prices are after coupons

Total OOP (Out Of Pocket): $68.79

8 Cans Green Giant Corn 0.30 per can

4 Cans Green Giant Green Beans 0.30 per can

2 Boxes Kashi Heart to Heart Crackers 0.89 per box

Tea Bags 1.05

2 Maxwell House Coffee FREE

4 Mahatma Rice Mixes 0.09 apiece

4 Bags of Fisher Trail Mix (6oz) FREE (these had +0.11 overage so they paid me to take these home!)

3 Rolls Viva Paper Towels 0.78 apiece

2 Lysol Kitchen Counter Disinfectant 0.64 apiece

3  Charmin 4 packs 1.74 apiece

1 Cat’s Pride Cat Litter FREE

2 Tropicana Trop50 Orange Juice 1.00 apiece

2 YoPlus Yogurts (4 packs) 0.50 per 4 pk

3 Pillsbury Refrigerator Biscuits 0.32 apiece

2 Red Baron mini cheese pizzas (3 pack) FREE

4 Gwaltney Hot Dogs 0.53 apiece

1 Hormel Salisbury Steak 2.99

1 Thomas English Muffins 0.46

3 Packages (46 ct) Luvs Diapers 6.69 apiece

2 packages Pullups 6.89 apiece

1 Bag salad mix FREE

2 bunches Bananas (5.73 lbs) 3.09

1 One lb bag carrots 0.59

59 Items = 68.79 So I pretty much ended up paying 1.16 per item after surcharge (tax)


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