Breath Catching..

Well!  We are in the new house, and are settling in nicely.  The garage still has boxes in it, and I am starting to enjoy the zen like simplicity of it.  Those boxes may live out there for a while!

Right before we moved Jamie was really sick, and the docs thought it was mono.  Thankfully, it was just a nasty double whammy of some local funk going around, and he recovered.  Our movers showed up two and a half hours late on our move day, and Murphy was alive and well in our daily life for a good week or so.  On our move day the movers decided that they wouldn’t accept Visa like they had told me previously, and that they wanted cash instead.  That required a trip off base to an atm, and then another trip to get the other atm card.  In between the trips I was stopped by the local Security Forces (that’s police for you non military types), for failure to come to a complete stop.  As the officer took my license, military id, etc.  I started laughing and told him he couldn’t possibly make my day worse.  I don’t know if it was sheer compassion, or the fact that I looked like I was going to go postal if one more thing went awry, but he gave me a warning and sent me home!

Mom was here for the move, and I can honestly say that I probably couldn’t have done it without her!  She stayed with us for four weeks while we got things packed, unpacked, and settled.  I finally had to take her home though, and we all already miss her.

Bobby started pre-K this past week, and what I thought would be a traumatic experience has actually been very positive and liberating.  I was really afraid that he would cling and scream so, of course, he has done the polar opposite!  Each day it’s “Bye bye!  See ya!”, and I am left standing there waiting for an absent shoe to drop.  We celebrated Bobby and David’s birthday today.  It was nice and quiet.  Well as quiet as a 2 and 3 year old can be anyways.  Raven has really settled in nicely with his new school, and he loves having his own room.

Just want to leave you with a few blurbs and one line gems from this past week.

We were at a gas station in the middle of no where North Carolina outside a McDonalds.  To set the mood.. there were guys standing outside the McDonalds who looked like they were casing the joint.  Mom is in the car while I pump gas, and when I got into the car again she started pointing at some folks while exclaiming “Look at the liberals!  Look!  Liberals!”   I seriously had to choke back laughter!  It felt like we were at the zoo… “Look Mommy!  Look at the elephants!  No!  Look!  Liberals!”

Earlier this evening,  Jamie came hurdling down the stairs with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth.  I stopped him, and told him to take it out of his mouth.

Me:  Take that out of your mouth!  Don’t run around with toothpicks in your mouth.. you know why right?!

Jamie:  Because House isn’t here to save me?

Yep, Natural born smartass.


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