Today Raven walked to the bus stop by himself, I can see it from my front porch, but it was a stark reminder of how quickly children grow up.  He was so proud!  He said to me this morning, “Mom, I can walk there by myself, and you can watch me!”  It’s hard to let go, especially since he is still so small.  I watched him crane his head to make sure that I was still watching, and that was a small comfort that he still needs me.  The hug I got as he left was strong and sweet, and it made my heart lurch.  Children have such power over our hearts.

I’m finishing up my coffee before beginning the rest of my day.  I can already hear the toddlers starting to stir.  It’s rainy and icky outside, but it still seems like a beginning.  Perhaps it’s the time of the year, but everything feels like it has potential.


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