Commissary 4.23

Today’s trip:

Total before coupons: $151.42

Total after coupons: $76.05

Total Savings: $75.37

Percentage Savings: 52% !!

Here’s what I came home with!

2 12 pack waters (for Jamie’s school trip)

5 16 oz boxes Ritz Cracker

2 bottles Lysol cleaner

1 bottle Febreze

4 bags of Lays Kettle Cooked chips

1 20 ct box Finish dishwasher detergent

1 box baking soda

1 box Cascadian Farms cereal

2 bottles of KC masterpiece BBQ sauce

2 bottles of Ranch dressing

8 bags of Snyder’s Organic pretzels

1 large can of pasta sauce

2 heads of cabbage

4 lbs of zucchini

6 bags of Kingsford briquets

1 bottle of V8 fruit blend juice

6 bags of Kraft shredded cheese

4 8 oz blocks of Kraft cheese

2 Scotch Brite sponges

2 packages of Earth Grains thin buns

1 24 ct Delimex taquitos

1 box Planters nut bars

1 box Glad Cling Wrap

1 20 ct box Glad quart freezer bag

2 bags mini Teddy Grahams

1 16 oz Sour cream

2 pouches Starkist tuna fish

8 pouches of Bisquit Cheddar Garlic biscuit mix

1 Tide Stain release

4 Marcal small steps tissues

3 boxes of Kordite trash bags

2 Digiorno Supreme pizza w/ breadsticks (not pictured)

1 Kashi pizza (not pictured)

1 gallon milk


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