Commissary 4.25

I wanted to use up some coupons before they expired on April 30th, and I came home with some spectacular bargains!

Total before coupons:  $199.06

Used 76 coupons

Total after coupons: $66.05

Percentage saved: 70%

A list of what I came home with follows.  Items which were FREE* (I have to pay a surcharge of 7% BEFORE coupons so even on free items I’m paying what amounts to tax) I’ve marked in red.

6 bags of Kingsford Light the Bag charcoal

2 bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce

2 bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

1 box of Glad quart freezer bags

1 box of Glad gallon freezer bags

2 bottles of Lea and Perrins Worchestershire sauce

17 Schick 3 ct Disposable razors

1 bag TGI Fridays potato skins

5 Scotch Brite sponges

7 bags of Snyders Organic Pretzels

4 bags of Lays Kettle cooked chips

14 boxes of Planters Nut-rition snack bars

9 Land o’ Lakes Butter with Olive Oil

1 Country Crock Margarine

1 Digiorno Flatbread melt

2 bottles Heinz 57 Steak Sauce

1 bottle of Heinz cocktail sauce

1 Hunts ketchup

1 Nori rice seasoning

6 Contadina tomato sauce

2 Muir Glen organic salsas

1 packet Bumble Bee Pink Salmon

2 Sara Lee sandwich meat (ham and turkey)

1 Kraft Deli Deluxe Jalapeno Cheese

2 Tresseme Waterless Shampoos


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