Commissary 5.6

I needed to grab some milk and bacon today and happened upon a couple of good bargains.  Any thing marked in red was FREE!  Here’s what I came home with!

Total before coupons: $61.14

Total # of coupons: 20

Total after coupons: $28.15

Percentage saved 56%

4 bags of Lays Kettle Cooked potato chips (2 bags were free!)

1 six bottle pack of Cream soda

1 jar dill pickles

1 12 pack Diet Dr pepper

2 bottled sodas

2 Ritter chocolate bars (1 was free!)

2 bags Oreos (1 was free!)

1 gallon bleach

4 Scotch brite sponges

1 2 pack scotch brite eraser sponges

1 bottle ground parmesan cheese

1 gallon 2% milk

5 bags of Kraft shredded cheese

4 Oscar Mayer  lunchmeat

2 Oscar Mayer turkey bacon

2 Tresemme Dry shampoos (1 was free the other was $0.49!)


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