Food Lion Trip 6/21

Ok this is a good one, but might take multiple trips to really rack up the good deals.  It’s only good for the next few days so get ready!!

  • First of all if you have not signed up with do so!  This will let you go to the links I have provided for the PDF coupons to print.
  • Go to
  • Print out the coupons for Manwich, Food Lion block cheese, Food Lion Eggs, Hunts Tomatoes, and Food Lion pasta
  • Remember that you can only use one of each of these per transaction.  So either do multiple transactions, make a few trips, or line your family up and do it that way!

Here’s the deal:

  • Manwich is on sale 10/$10 the coupon is for $1.50 off two = 0.25 per can!
  • Food Lion 1/2 dozen eggs are $1.02; the coupon is $1.00/1 = 0.02 for six eggs!
  • Food Lion block cheese $2.89; coupon is $2.00/1 = 0.89 for cheese!
  • Hunt’s Tomatoes $1.39 per can for the Fire Roasted diced tomatoes; coupon is $1.50/2 = 0.64 per can!
  • Food Lion pasta: Elbow macaroni is $0.89/ box; coupon is $1.00/1 = Free pasta! (if your Food Lion is weird about overage get the Rotini at $1.09/box so 0.09 for Rotini!)

I also saw one pound bags of pecans in the shell for 0.99!  Buy these now for those fall/winter goodies we all love so much!  Pecans in the shell have a year long shelf life.

My total today for the picture above was $4.79.


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