Target trip 7-11

Ok so this was going to be a cereal trip, but I ended up with some other things as well.  I think I did good!

I picked up

1 Merona Woman’s Plus Tshirt

1 Merona Woman’s Tshirt

1 Merona Men’s Tshirt

10 Sobe Lifewaters

9 boxes (assorted) of Kellogg’s Special K cereal

1 Diet Mt. Dew and 1 Candy Bar ( Hey I was dying of thirst and low sugar lol)

Total OOP cost: $24.46!

Here’s how I did it:

3 Kellogg’s Free Cereal Coupons

4 Free Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Cereal WYB any Kellogg’s Cereal coupons

5 BOGO Sobe coupons

1 $2 off Merona® Women’s Plus apparel

1 $2 off Merona® Women’s apparel

1 $3 off Merona® men’s top

And… Kellogg’s Special K was Buy 4 Get 1 free!


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