Not my butt!

My 2 yr old is sick.. running a fever.. general cruditis.. The laser thermometer wasn’t giving me a good reading so I had to resort to the regular one.. and he’s not old enough to hold it in his mouth.. so you know where it had to go…


Result was 104 degrees..
He was pretty cranky all day, heck I would be too!  Everything was ouch, and hold me!  Later this evening at dinner time I noticed he was looking flushed and feverish again.  So I looked at him and asked if he was feeling ok.  I told him I was going to get the thermometer to take his temperature again when the two yr old quote of the day happened.
Me:  I need to take your temp David.David:  No!  Not IN MY BUTT!  It Raven’s TURN!  Raven take off your pants!
We all busted out laughing, and Raven looked mildly concerned that I might actually take his temp in his butt.  I figured I would just go ahead and dose him for the fever.  Kids say the craziest things, but I really hope this one doesn’t go to Pre-K!


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